Hybrid Images


I am Pushpak.

I developed a code in Matlab that generates Gray-scale Hybrid images taking two color images as input.

It converts RGB image to gray scale and applies a high-pass and a low-pass filter on two images and places high-pass filtered image on top of blurred(low-pass) image.

Sample Genrated Images

Sample Input Images


The above images were used for the project the first image in each section was passed through a low pass filter(Gaussian filter), the second image was passed through a high pass filter(1 – gaussian filter) and was aligned together to give them the hybrid effect.


High Pass filter

Low Pass filter

Both low pass and high pass filters take an image input and Fourier transforms them applies the filter and then apply inverse fourier transform and return a filtered image to the main function.

Failed approach with sample images

My first approach was to just blur one image and place a subtracted blur image on top of it but it was difficult to align those images and handle blur on color images that’s why my output image looks total out of place.

Output Image

Expected Image

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